Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga always keeps maintaining the balance of the Sun & the Moon in the human body. “Ha” indicates to sun & “tha” means to the moon. This yoga usually includes breathing, yoga postures & speculation.

After much well-research study by the scientists & researchers, they found & bring many valuable points of Hatha Yoga. This yoga helps improve the flow of cells, flexibility in the muscles, metabolism, and bloodstream in the spinal cord and brain & Etc. We will serve the beauty of Hatha Yoga to you with the right sentiment to make you accessible.


Ashtanga Yoga

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and T. Krishnamacharya develop Asthanga Yoga in the 20th century. This “Asthanga Vinayash Yoga” helps you sync the connection between the body & the breath system.

Yoga is concerning the alliance of the body. Ashta & Anga means the Eight Branches of the body. It helps to make the strength of muscles of human body & make them thoughtfully & bodily strong. Our team is always focusing on creating an environment of soulful yoga with Ashtanga Yoga.



Pranayama is the ethical exercise of breathing. “Prana” is defined as breath & “Yama” as control. The origin of “Pranayama” is in India. This yoga gives you the power of control of your mind.

The precise sequence of inhaling & exhaling helps you to increase your level of health. It will help to feel free of depression, anxiety, nervousness, Etc. The flowing energy of your body can steal imbalances of your body. We will give you all the instruments and show ways to make your wholeness grow and move to the next level which will lead to a happy life.



According to Buddhism, Meditation accommodates building a new highlighting mind from over the eons. The transform of the reason is the crucial meaning of meditation. Meditation can draw in diverse forms, similar to concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation.

The desirable wish of every person is peace. Meditation helps you get to the limelight of internal peace & feels like a new person from the inside. This yoga is the authentic antitoxin to our troubles and our concerns, worries. We can encourage you to be a unique individual from the inner side of yours through meditation.



Tantra means the technology of the human body. The tantra combines manuals, techniques, rituals, religious practices, meditation, yoga, and philosophy. It will help to own energy to build a more extensive belief in you.

Tantra yoga has grown for thousands of years. Tantra is a great-aged science that makes humans more straightforward with their mind’s direction. The free mind will overcome weaknesses to get more spots for your strengths. We always look for a good excuse to serve our potential help to you.



Astro yoga set the value of Indian traditions on a high margin thousands of years back. There are several famous yogas in Indian astrology like GajaKeshari Yoga, PanchaMahapurush Yoga, Neecha Bhang Raj yoga, Veeprit Raj Yoga, MahaBhagya yoga and Laxmi Yoga, Etc.

Vedic astrology holds its stand on Nakshatra and Rashi and Nine planets. Our astrologer will treat you to discover yourself more solid than back. It also exposes the timing of health emergencies. Perfect astrologers always look into fit objects with solutions.


Dance & Music

India has an affluent & popularized segment regarding dance & music from ancient times. In every state, traditional, classical, folk, and tribal dances have been studying and implemented.

The dedicated & professional team can give you a superior experience of Indian classical dance & music. It can always cheer you to stay energetic & you can be a spiritualist who can carry the tradition & culture of old India. We are here to give you a chance to live your life traditionally.



The science of life represents Ayurveda. Three thousand years ago, Ayurveda had developed in India. Thus Ayurveda is a purely natural healing method for a body.

The connection of internal & external systems of our body has been accurately maintaining by ayurvedic treatment. The positive vibes are everywhere in our body when there is much energy, which Ayurveda yoga injects. Our exceptional team will help you get this energy in your body & give you proper training according to aged India.

Your life of Yoga



Anywhere we accelerate our footprint in the world; the sound Yoga will remind you about Rishikesh. The ambiance of Rishikesh, like pure greenery forests, temperate climate, soothing breezes with sunshine, always keeps urging you to stay healthy from the inner side of you.

Our suspicious minds always indicate quality as normal human beings: Rishi Vedic Academy, the best portion of the Rishikesh regarding yoga training institute. The center got a grade of teachers, highly originate courses, proper student-teacher ratio to maintain traditional standards. Understanding the real presence of tradition always makes our client comfortable & a solution to every issue.

Take a look at the amazing courses & ask yourself the question?

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Why Rishi Vedic Academy?


About Us

Rishi Vedic Academy is a lively, vibrant and cutting-edge yoga-ashram that differentiates itself by offering not only yogic-practices but also by providing the correct understanding, traditions, context and meaning of yogic science, asana and philosophy.


“The meaning of one self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of union.”— Rabindranath Tagore (writer). Rishi Vedic Academy is a community of soulful individuals who are deeply inspired by yoga’s eternal message of unity and peace.


Rishi Vedic Academy is one of the most prestigious teacher training course schools in Rishikesh. By maintaining the highest standards of yoga curriculum, the school ensures premium services and supreme education.

Spiritual- Not Religious

While many of our teachers come from religious backgrounds and ancient lineages, they prefer to teach from non-religious space, in a way that can be understood and accepted by all spiritual seekers from all paths.

Meditation in Everything

At Rishi Vedic Academy we believe meditation is not a technique but a framework for living. Meditation and yogic philosophy is weaved throughout all the classes.


At Rishi Vedic Academy, we offer many important and useful services for students during their internationally certified hatha yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India.


Stay at Rishi Vedic Academy and experience India in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with other spiritual minded individuals. We have verities of luxurious rooms available with Ganga View, Mountain view, super deluxe room with all modern facilities.


Rishi Vedic Academy’s mission is to use our influence for the widest good. Profits of the school are used for charity.

Not Just for Teachers

Our Yoga Training Programs tend to either be focused on professional prep, or spiritual deepening. Our trainings are about finding your path, and and integration between spiritual and professional life.

Rishi Vedic Academy in Numbers


While practicing yoga, along with the right postures, the right surroundings are also very important. Our yoga teacher training center in Rishikesh is as mesmerizing as it can be to fall in love with the art of yoga and ultimately mastering it. Here are some of our stats.

Our Status in Numbers

Students Trained

These are the number of Yogis and Yoginis who are spreading Yoga across the world with certification of Rishi Vedic Academy.


Years of Experience

We at Rishi Vedic Academy are giving this world the Yoga Gurus through our Yoga Teacher Training for past 13 + years.



Rishi Vedic Academy is situated in 3 different locations with total of 4 branches across India.


In-house Staffs

Serving the Yogis & Yoginis of Rishi Vedic Academy with healthy food, guiding Himalayan tours,  showing nearby cities and most important caring like family, just like your another family from India 🙂 .

Our Yoga Gurus


Rishi Vedic Academy represents the most eminent and highly qualified Yoga Gurus. These Gurus are well trained and experienced to render Yoga Classes and Teacher Training for Overseas as well. Our Acharyas and Swamis are known name in India as well as Internationally.

The teachings of these Gurus have produced several talented Yoga Gurus over the years. Our Gurus prefer to give sessions to the students in a manner so that they can learn the techniques in details.

Yogini Preeta Ji

Sound Healing

Preeta left her last corporate role as the Product Strategy & Marketing of a mid-sized enterprise in 2016 to pursue her personal transformation journey. Having lived through many phases of radical shifts, faced financial & emotional setbacks, Preeta, today has chosen to empower individuals as she empowered herself.

Vibha Arya

Yoga Anatomy
Yoga Teacher Vibha

One of our most reliable & well-made instructors is Vibha Arya, our institute has. Since her teens, she has been very energetic & active. The tale of yoga was introduced to her knowledge in 2012 & still, she is sharing her extraordinary expertise with the spirits.

Yogi Shubham

Ashtanga Yoga

Yogi Shubham is the well-trained carrier of the holiness of Indian tradition. To draw him perfectly, we can use some words similar to simple, gentle, and proficient. He is one of the most valued mentors of India.

Yogini Prema Ji

Holistic Therapist

With a working sport background, Francesca started her career as a holistic therapist straight after her professional education in Shiatsu Operator School in Milan. This gave her the opportunity to receive many trainings, approaching many different techniques that expanded and strengthened her holistic approach.