Find the Stillness Within

The 3-Day Silence Retreat is an invitation to discover the joy of being quiet. To remove yourself from everyday distractions, peel away layers of the ego, and find the eternal peace within.

The simple act of asking “Who am I?” can take you on a profound journey of wonderment and self-discovery. In this retreat, you’ll learn techniques for calming your mind and opening your heart so that you’ll be able to ask this question in full presence and really listen to the answers that arise. 

Our experienced teachers share wisdom and inspiration from a variety of spiritual traditions and guide you in a step-by-step meditation practice. 

But a silent meditation retreat isn’t about a technique or bit of knowledge. It isn’t about finding something that’s missing. It’s a process of opening to the part of you that is beyond all limitations. When you connect with that inner realm, it will infuse your entire life with its Love.

Whether you have never meditated or have done many retreats, we invite you to join us on this journey. Three days is an ideal amount of time to get a taste of the power of Self-Inquiry.

You’ll Learn:

  • Techniques for calming your mind, relaxing your body, and opening your heart
  • Practices for centering in the Spiritual Heart and ways to infuse your daily life with its wisdom
  • The fundamental principles of non-duality (the teaching that everything is One)
  • Traditional, contemplative Hatha Yoga


7:00–9:00Meditation (beginning in shorter segments)
9:00–9:45Breakfast break
11:00–12:30Hatha Yoga
14:00–14:45Karma Yoga
15:30–18:00Meditation (beginning in shorter segments)
18:00–18:30Time for personal practice
19:15–20:15Daily themed spiritual discourse and Q&A
20:15–21:00Meditation (may go later depending on length of Q&A)

Schedule subject to change.