Preeta Ji

Wholeness coach Preeta Ji

1.   Who is Wholeness coach Preeta

From what appeared to be rock-bottom in her personal life situation, Preeta was able to transcend her hurdles and move into an empowered consciousness by entering the world of the ‘alternative’. It was here she was introduced to the healing arts and spiritual transcendence.

Today, after a journey of over a decade, Preeta is a certified Transformational Life Coach, a certified Sound Healer & Gong Master, a follower of Nature Cure – a lifestyle which believes body heals using nature’s elements, a certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher, an Advanced Ho’oponopono facilitator, a practitioner of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden & of the Tapping Technique – EFT, an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, an ardent lover of the Bach Flower Remedies of Dr. Edward Bach tradition, a Reiki practitioner, an Animal Communicator, a Rene Mey Therapies healer & trainer.

Amongst her teachers & guides through her journey are Mooji – the Zen Advaita Living Master, Rohini Singh – spiritual mentor, Don Conreaux – the International Gong Master, Sanj Hall – a Gong Yogi, Aurelio – the soul and mind behind Svaram, Auroville, Satya Brat – IASH, Dr Hew Len – the Hawaiian Hypnotherapist who introduced Ho’oponopono to the Western World, Dr Joe Vitale, the one who hunted down Dr Hew Len, Donna Eden, Maa Gyaan Suveera who runs The Hermitage outside Rishikesh, Sujata Malik – a Reiki Master amongst many other healing modalities.

Preeta left her last corporate role as the Product Strategy & Marketing of a mid-sized enterprise in 2016 to pursue her personal transformation journey. Having lived through many phases of radical shifts, faced financial & emotional setbacks, Preeta, today has chosen to empower individuals as she empowered herself.

2.   Wholeness Coaching

What, you may well ask, is ‘Wholeness Coaching’? How is it different from ‘Life Coaching’?

From one perspective, its just semantics. However, from another perspective, the difference is in the approach. A Life Coach coaches the individual or the group to remove the fluff around the goals. The coach works at making those being coached in becoming purposeful, well-directed, well-adjusted, successful at work, at relationships, at handling challenging situations.

In wholeness coaching, while all the above are achieved, there is more to it. The more is, an approach of directing the attention to a level higher than just being a better version of yourself in a limited area. Wholeness Coaching takes into account that the individual need not be limited by goals set by the conscious mind. To achieve this transcendence, wholeness coaching utilizes the principles of Energy & Vibrational Healing, Science of Nature Cure, understanding of how all choices (of buying, consuming, eating, wearing, entertainment, gifting) need to be revisited and reflected on, of using intuitive guidance and positive, affirmative mystical approach.

3.   Who should reach out to Preeta & for what reasons

Those who feel stuck in work or at personal situations.

Those who are facing life transitions and are overwhelmed by the changes.

Those who face any kind of physical, emotional or mental conditions which emanate from feelings of stress, anxiety, fears, anger, resentment, abandonment etc.

Those who are unable to sleep in peace, have anxiety attacks, face patterns of unsuccessful relationships or partnerships.

Those who are feeling directionless, are lacking clarity or motivation, are despondentfor any reason.

4.   Approaches

                     i.            Wholeness Coaching

a.       A minimum 3-month coaching and hand-holding through the change process.

                   ii.            By Reason – Alchemy of Modalities will be used

1.       Physical

2.       Mental

3.       Emotional

                 iii.            By Modalities – Learn a modality to transform

a.       Energy & Vibrational Medicine
b.       Gratitude & Forgiveness
c.       Tapping – EFT
d.       Intuitive Guidance
e.       Mystical Remedies

                 iv.            Attend a scheduled group session or request a personal healing session

a.       Sound Bath / Sound Healing
b.       Meditative & Transformative Self-Care Practices

                   v.            Join the Wholeness Healing Circle

a.       Weekly sessions on Meditations, Tapping, Gratitude exercises etc