Sound Experience – Bath, Meditation, Journey are they different?

Just like vision, touch, smell, and taste, sound is a sensation. The vibration of sound however is not just perceived by ear but by every cell in the body. This is why sound seamlessly integrates as a healing practice. As humans we also have a knack towards sound, ever felt your mood uplift by just listening to a song? Ya, that!

In this article, I explain how sound can be experienced in various forms and how to choose practice that suits you best.

Sound Bath, Sound Meditation, and Sound therapy are often used interchangeably, and sound Journey is nearly unheard of. But are they all the same? Though relaxation is the end-state-vision of these practices. The modus operandi and the purpose of each varies quite a lot.


Envision your cells being immersed in sound waves, a sound bath is just like a spa that rejuvenates at the cellular level. These sessions are mostly conducted among a group with just one or as many instruments. Your zen master may use instruments like gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, flutes, and sounds of humming as well.

Sound baths in general promote relaxation & improved sleep. It also elevates low frequencies like guilt, fear to higher frequencies of love & joy, realigns your chakras, releases energy blockages. Sound baths can also be used to materialize your intentions.

Here is a little science on how intentions and sound work.

Basic physics taught us when there are two vibrating entities close to each other, the stronger one attracts the weaker ones, and eventually, they synchronize. Intentions have certain vibration and when they synchronize with the vibration of the universe, it manifests. Sound can be a medium to raise the frequency of intentions and synchronize with that of the universe.


Sound meditation is like a musical meditation where a background music/sound is used to reach a meditative state. Though the sounds played puts your body into a relaxed state, it’s unlike the natural vibrations achieved by instruments.

one thing that remains the same in all practices is shifting your mind to a parasympathetic state. In today’s competitive world, we often encounter stressful situations that constantly keep us in sympathetic aka fight or flight state. The body is flooding cortisol and inflammatory substances which are not ideal. Being in parasympathetic mode helps rest and digest, removes toxins, reduces stress, and relaxes muscles. Incorporate activities that endorse parasympathetic system activation, sound does it the best.


Similar to sound bath, sound therapy also involves the use of instruments, but here it is used for specific healing. Certain frequencies have specific purposes and healers choose it based on the ailment to cure. These frequencies are used to downshift brain waves from the conscious state (beta state) to relaxed consciousness (theta state) and further to state where internal healing can occur (delta state).

SOUND JOURNEY We all have life experiences that are unique to us and so the way we perceive sound. In the same sound session, no two people will have the same experience and for that matter the same person also ends up with different experiences each time. That is why sound is a journey in itself. Incomparable to the person next, your journey with sound, just like your life is unique to you.

“Sound will be the medicine of the future,” said American spiritualist Edgar Cayce. It takes millions of dollars & years of research to bring a single drug into the market. Is it really possible for something simple as sound to replace a pill, if so what can it treat and who can benefit from this?

This article explains how you can kiss goodnight to your insomnia or heal anything from a deep-rooted trauma to unexplained aches and pains using sound. Oh, wait there is a surprise element for all your pet parents. if you have a pet, you shouldn’t miss this one. Even otherwise, give it a read. I promise you will walkway with insightful takeaways.

Healing powers of sound

Ever Wondered how as nomads we never had access to antiseptics & aspartame and still recovered from infections. Our body can heal itself naturally, provided it is in a conducive environment for the healing to take place. Sound has been a healing practice since ancient times, but it has been recognized in the west in recent years. By now there has already been enough research to prove the benefits of sound as a healing medium.

How does sound heal?

  • Sound is a set of vibrations that travel through air and water. When these vibrations enter the human body, it accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself. Sound puts you in a relaxed state turning off the fight or flight mode, all that is healthy hail when you are relaxed.
  • Sound healing is done by playing various instruments or vocal tuning at various frequencies desirable to heal that particular illness. A healer has extensive knowledge of what vibrational frequencies to use for any particular purpose being achieved.

Who can benefit from sound?

  • Just like everything else, the sound is a vibration that can be perceived by every living organism. Yes, the animals, the birds as well.
  • The furry babies have shown unconditional acceptance of my sound sessions. There have been instances where not just domestic animals but also wild animals responded well to the sound.
  • The animals respond to it by licking, chewing, yawning, or shaking their bodies. These are all good indications. It is an indicator of releasing stuck energy. Sometimes they self adjust and move to feel an instrument at a particular part of their body they want to heal. fascinating, isn’t it?

What can sound heal?

  • sound uses your body’s ability to heal and so it can heal almost anything. From stress to insomnia Parkinson’s and even cancer
  • When sound is played, the shift from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system happens instantly. The body’s rest and digest mechanism is activated, this can lead to reversing lifestyle disorders and several autoimmune conditions as well.
  • At a cellular level, it also enhances the antioxidant activity, removing all the toxins, and therefore enhancing immunity as well.
  • Sound can also penetrate through limbs causing the muscles and deep tissues to relax.
  • Sound also works at a subconscious level enabling mental clarity, the release of any stuck emotion or trauma from the past, and creates a window for change and divine connection.
  • The sound perceived by the ear, passes through the auditory nerve, stimulates the vagus nerve which then stimulates every organ in the body. All your organs operate more effectively. You wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and full of vigor

All this might sound a little overwhelming until you try it out for yourselves and your furry beings. Look out for online sessions here or get in touch if you would like to heal any underlying condition.

*Benefits of Sound Healing*

# Sound heals

# Sound allows release of pain from physical and energetic bodies

# Sound clears blocks and resistances

# Sound relaxes the brain activity

# Sound makes meditation spontaneous

# Sound relieves anxiety and stress

# Sound relieves from mental health issues and insomnia, hypertension etc

*Why should you learn Sound Healing for self-care? *

# Self-care is power and releases you from depending on external resources for your well-being

# Sound is one extremely simple and effective self-care practice

#Daily practice with Sound Healing techniques keeps you mentally, emotionally and physically stable, strong and serene

How Sound can heal you?

# If you are in any physical discomfort, Sound can help release the pain

# If you are unable to relax, sleep or focus; Sound can help you do so

# If you are feeling low and anxious, Sound raises your frequency to the frequencies of joy, happiness, peace