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Over past 13+ years we prepared a few thousands people from all over the world to practice and teach yoga safely, and adequately to their needs. We run courses of Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Aerial, as well as programs based on specialistic knowledge and exploring specific areas: Ayurveda, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy. Whether you want to become a yoga teacher, or just deepen your own practice we will be truly happy if you join Rishi Vedic Academy community.

Our Philosophy

Rishi Vedic Academy is an open-minded and open-hearted space for lovers of Self exploration. At Rishi Vedic Academy we honor our asana practice as a moving meditation that creates a strong, clear, connected body and mind. Our approach is mindful, inquisitive and holistic. We encourage the experience of yoga to be a complete system, both on and off the mat.

Our Yoga Gurus


Rishi Vedic Academy represents the most eminent and highly qualified Yoga Gurus. These Gurus are well trained and experienced to render Yoga Classes and Teacher Training for Overseas as well. Our Acharyas and Swamis are known name in India as well as Internationally.

The teachings of these Gurus have produced several talented Yoga Gurus over the years. Our Gurus prefer to give sessions to the students in a manner so that they can learn the techniques in details.

Dr Yogi Vatsye

Hatha Yoga
Gaurav Vats

Dr Yogi Vatsye is well known Yoga Expert (Phd. Yoga). He lives in Rishikesh, India which is known as “Yoga Capital of the World.” He helps his students achieve ultimate mind and body experiences with YOGA and LIFESTYLE advice. He will lead an hour of holistic yoga practice for all levels.

Yogini Preeta Ji

Sound Healing

Preeta left her last corporate role as the Product Strategy & Marketing of a mid-sized enterprise in 2016 to pursue her personal transformation journey. Having lived through many phases of radical shifts, faced financial & emotional setbacks, Preeta, today has chosen to empower individuals as she empowered herself.

Pradeep Kumar

Yoga Philosophy
Yoga Teacher Pradeep

Pradeep completed his 200 hours ttc in 2019 at RVA to gain more insight to what exactly it is about yoga that gives him so much life. Teaching almost as soon as he stepped out of the classroom, he realized this will always be a continuing journey, learning as much about himself when he teaches a class as he hopes his students do.

Vibha Arya

Yoga Anatomy
Yoga Teacher Vibha

One of our most reliable & well-made instructors is Vibha Arya, our institute has. Since hes teens, she has been very energetic & active. The tale of yoga was introduced to her knowledge in 2012 & still, she is sharing her extraordinary expertise with the spirits.

Yogini Prema Ji

Holistic Therapist

With a working sport background, Francesca started her career as a holistic therapist straight after her professional education in Shiatsu Operator School in Milan. This gave her the opportunity to receive many trainings, approaching many different techniques that expanded and strengthened her holistic approach.

Yogi Shubham

Ashtanga Yoga

Yogi Shubham is the well-trained carrier of the holiness of Indian tradition. To draw him perfectly, we can use some words similar to simple, gentle, and proficient. He is one of the most valued mentors of India.